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Scientific Publications

Basic Spatiotemporal Visual Science

  • Masking By Light And The Sustained-Transient Dichotomy (Perception & Psychophysics)
  • Temporal Sampling Requirements For Stereoscopic Displays (SPIE Optics & Photonics)
  • The Perceptual Basis Of Aliasing and Antialiasing (SPIE Optics & Photonics)
  • Comparison Of Monoptic And Dichoptic Masking By Light (Perception & Psychophysics)
  • Visual Masking By Flickering Surrounds (Vision Research)
  • Masking by light and the Sustained Transient (Perception & Psychophysics)
  • The oblique effect in a vernier acuity situation (Perception & Psychophysics)
  • Contrast Detection And Direction Discrimination Of Drifting Gratings (Vision Research)
  • Contrast sensitivity and binocular brightness (Perception & Psychophysics)
  • Psychophysical Relationships Among Mechanisms Sensitive To Motion, Pattern & Flicker (Vision Research)
  • Rapid motion aftereffect seen within uniform flickering test fields (Nature)
  • Inhibition And Facilitation Of Apparent Motion By Real Motion (Vision Research)
  • A Comparison of Fourier Analysis and Feature Analysis (Science)
  • Broca-Sulzer effect in a Ganzfeld (Vision Research)
  • Spatial Frequency Effects In Masking By Light (Vision Research)
  • Spatiotemporal Variations In The Sine/Square Ratio (Vision Research)
  • Phase Effects In Monoptic And Dichoptic Temporal Integration (Vision Research)
  • What Determines Correspondence Strength In Apparent Motion (Vision Research)
  • Corresponce In Apparent Motion Defining The Heuristics (Vision/Graphics Inferface '86)
  • Correspondence Matching in Apparent Motion 3D Representation (Science)
  • Color Correspondance In Apparent Motion (Perception & Psychophysics)
  • Visual Search

  • Familiarity and Pop-Out In Visual Search (Perception & Psychophysics)
  • Visual Search, Visual Streams and Visual Architectures (Perception & Psychophysics)
  • Visual search: Detection, identification, and localization (Perception)
  • Clinical And Developmental Visual Science

  • Parallel pathways, noise masking and glaucoma (Documenta Ophthalmologica)
  • Parallele Bahnen, Maskierung Durch Rauschen und Glaukomfruherkennung: Eine Ubersicht (Search on Glaucoma)
  • Visually evoked potential (VEP) acuity: testability in a clinical pediatric population (Acta Ophthalmologica)
  • Developmental Physiological Optics And Visual Acuity: A Brief Review (Experientia)
  • Detecting Glaucomatous Damage (Journal of Modern Optics)
  • Data Visualization

  • Toward a perceptual science of multidimensional data visualization Bertin and beyond (IEEE Visualiztion '91)
  • Artifical Intelligence/Cognitive Science

  • Conceptions And Misconceptions of Knowledge Aided Design (Knowledge Aided Design)

  • Other Topics
    Personal Injury: Road Accidents
  • Is The Moth-Effect Real?
  • Human Error in Road Accidents
  • Reaction Time
  • Let's Get Real About Perception-Reaction Time
  • Why PRT Is Not Like Gravity
  • Vision in Older Drivers
  • Weather and Accidents: Rain & Fog
  • Accidents At Rail-Highway Crossings
  • Seeing Pedestrians At Night
  • Underride Accidents
  • Rear End Collision: Looming
  • Night Vision
  • Distracted Pedestrians
  • Failure To See
  • Perception-Reaction Time (PRT) Programs
  • Twilight (3.3 lux) As A visibility Criterion
  • Human Error And Fault Tolerance
  • Junk Science Meets Impaired Drivers
  • Why Pedestrians Die
  • Personal Injury: Warnings & Product Defects
  • Warnings and Warning Labels
  • Warning Effectiveness Checklist
  • The Psychology of Warnings
  • Drugs, Adverse Effects & Warnings
  • Are Warnings Effective?
  • Human Error Vs. Design Error
  • Product Misuse And "Affordances"
  • Safety Hierarchy: Design Vs. Warning
  • Personal Injury: Other
  • Diving Accidents in Pools
  • Falls Down Steps
  • Medical Error
  • Computer & Medical Error
  • Criminal & Police
  • Errors in Eyewitness Identifications
  • Perceptual Error in Police Shootings
  • Eyewitness Memory Is Unreliable
  • Human Factors In Forensic Evidence
  • Intellectual Property
  • "Any Fool Can See The Trademarks Are Different"
  • Measuring Confusion For Intellectual Property
  • Color in Trademark and Tradedress Disputes
  • Forensic Human Factors
  • Determining Visibility
  • "Inattentional Blindness" & Conspicuity
  • Computer animation has perceptual limitations
  • Photographs vs. Reality
  • The Six Laws Of Attention
  • What is "inattention?"
  • From Research To The Real-World

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