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Basic Expertise

Marc Green, Phd & associates apply in-depth scientific knowledge and experience in the areas of vision, perception, attention, cognition, memory, response, human error and human factors. Services fall into three categories:

  • Forensic Human Factors in personal injury, criminal and intellectual property matters;
  • Human Factors Design & Safety: design of warnings, lighting, environments for the elderly; and
  • Education.
  • Forensic Human Factors

    We have served as both "testifying experts" who write reports, give depositions and testify as well as "consulting experts" who simply advise and explain human factors issues. There is no charge for initial case discussion. Our expertise applies in several ways:

    In Depth Analysis: : We analyze accidents to probable cause. In some cases, we rely on data supplied to us and in other we make on-site inspections and measurements.

    Testimony & Depositions: We have extensive experience in explaining complex scientific concepts in simple, layman's terms to nonexperts.

    Literature Review: Some questions can be answered by a review of scientific and legal literature.

    Critique Expert Statements: We examine and critique statements and depositions of opposing experts. Our experience is that most analyses by people not highly trained in human perception are incomplete or scientifically in error. We also find that many intellectual property surveys and tests are inadequately performed due to poor questions, controls and statistical analysis.

    Testing: We perform empirical testing/survey for intellectual property disputes in order to determine likelihood of confusion involving trademarks, trade dress, get up, etc. We determine appropriate samples, tests, and statistical analyses. In rare accident cases, it may be useful to perform a test of visibility/perception under field conditions.

    Human Factors Design & Testing

    Product testing: Accident proof products by performing human factors testing or controls, warnings, visual design, medical devices etc.

    Design for the elderly: Creating environment for older people. See, for example, "Environmental Design for the Older Worker." "

    Product & Environment safety audits: Quick and inexpensive review of potential safety hazards.


    We offer seminars and educational services in human factors. To see a list, click here.

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